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This is an in process learning blog for students thinking about and working within art as social practice. We are interested in gaining a critical understanding of what that term means and experimenting with new models of artistic practice that exist at the in betweens- of life and art, design and architecture, politics and activism.
Heads up!

On March 2, our class will be hosting Henrik and Martin from  

 DA DA!!!!

(RG for short). They are visiting from Germany as a part of the GCAC’s public art project taking place under the Our Town grant awarded by the NEA. They are planning an extensive public art project with COTA, consisting of a research phase where they are collecting insights from the public and COTA employees, bus drivers etc about their experience of public transit here in Columbus. They will then take that information to create a map of the system that incorporates this information to be displayed at downtown bus shelters, effectively using the bus system as a mode of communal communication. They would like our class to provide a part of that research, so I will be assigning you some bus-related homework in the next couple of weeks. Heres a link to their most recent project, Streets of Hope. They describe their work as ‘¬†artistic venture at the point of intersection between art and society’.

They will also give a talk about their work, we will be reaching out to students at OSU and on campus here too. Heads up!

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